Alkara Keepers

Alkara Keepers
Autor: Morgan Fitzsimons

Sinopse – Alkara Keepers – Morgan Fitzsimons

In a galaxy dominated by the Triaxan Empire, the last remnants of the Helassian Federation are the only resistance to a dark future ruled by Emperor Draegus. Striving for ultimate power, Draegus will stop at nothing to become the Apex, the pinnacle of all life. With the promise of peace he attended the Unus festival, where all Alkarans gathered as one. With the Alkara Keepers at their most vulnerable, Draegus massacred the only obstacle that might stand in his way. Orion, High Lord of the Helassian Federation and the last of the Alkara Keepers leads in exile. Forced to take his father’s place, he fights against the dictator that destroyed everything he knew. Sillel, the daughter of Emperor Dragus, awakens from her father’s prison and Orion discovers that he is no longer alone. The Alkara Keepers follows Sillel’s awakening to life and love as Orion struggles to find his destiny and rebuild what Draegus ripped apart.

Alkara Keepers – Morgan Fitzsimons

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