Art of Seeing 2008

Art of Seeing 2008
Creative Photography
Autor: Tom Palmer

Sinopse – Art of Seeing 2008 – Creative Photography – Tom Palmer

A famous photographer was once asked why he practiced photography. His somewhat enigmatic answer was “to see what things look like when photographed.” This is more than a glib response. For many photogra- phers it lies at the center of their personal quest for self-expression through photography. When I have a camera in my hand the world shifts. I am no longer just passing though. I am an active participant. Colors are more distinct, reality more sharply etched. I am more aware of both the immediate environment and the actions of people around me. It also makes me a voyeur. Being able to isolate and visually dissect my surroundings removes me from being a participant and turns me into an observer. This creates a cognitive dissonance. On one hand, being a part of, while on the other, being removed from. Maybe this lies at the center of what it means to be a photographer; to live in a “no-mans-land” where the moment is constantly slipping past, and yet where we have the power to fix it forever, a time as well as place. Do we photograph for ourselves, or for others? If you were the last person left on earth, would you practice photography? The Art of Seeing Don’t answer too quickly. Yes, most photographers seek recognition. We need an audience. The feedback we receive becomes part of our raison d’etre. Just the fact our images exist out in the world in more than just one copy somehow enhances their reality and provides a form of permanence to the art that we have created. But now remove that audience, as desirable as it might be. Does our work still have purpose? Would we still do it? The answer to this will vary with the individual. For some, knowing that our work has reached a wider audience than just friends and family provides satisfaction. For others, exposure to a wide audience is intended to lead to either commercial or artistic recognition and success. For many photographers though, it may simply be enough to see what things look like when photographed. But the sharing of these images with others—discovering how others might respond to what we have captured and shown them—provides a satisfaction that cannot be denied. There is still magic in photography, the sharing as well as the doing. Michael Reichmann January, 2008

Art of Seeing 2008 – Creative Photography – Tom Palmer

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