Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender
The Lost Scrolls: Earth
Autor: Michael Teitelbaum, Shane L. Johnson

Sinopse – Avatar The Last Airbender – The Lost Scrolls: Earth

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, you have uncovered one of the four hidden scrolls I have compiled about the world of Avatar. This scroll contains sacred information about the Earth Nation — stories, legends, and facts that I have found so far about this nation — its history, culture, and tales of its past and present. Katara tells how she inspired a group of Earthbenders imprisoned on a Fire Nation ship to take a stand; Aang explains how he managed to outsmart the great Earthbender, King Bumi; and Sokka recounts the tale of the Great Divide. Included are sections on Earthbending moves, the great Earth Kingdom Kyoshi Warriors, and more. Keep this scroll safe, and share it only with those you trust. Beware, for there are many who wish to expose its secrets….

Avatar The Last Airbender – The Lost Scrolls: Earth

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