Barbarians of Lemuria

Barbarians of Lemuria
Legendary Edition
Autor: Simon Washbourne

Sinopse – Barbarians of Lemuria – Legendary Edition – Simon Washbourne

It is a savage age of sorcery and bloodshed, where strong men and beautiful women, warlords, priests, magicians and gladiators battle to carve a bloody path leading to the Throne of Lemuria. It is an age of heroic legends and valiant sagas too. And this is one of them…
The highly acclaimed sword & sorcery roleplaying game Barbarians of Lemuria, now in an awesome new edition! Inspired by Thongor, Conan, Brak, Elric and other mighty heroes, Barbarians of Lemuria gives you a simple system designed to emulate the genre and not to get in the way of your gaming experience. This new print version updates and expands on the previous rules to make one of the simplest yet most true-to-genre sword & sorcery roleplaying games on the market.

Barbarians of Lemuria – Legendary Edition – Simon Washbourne

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