Body by Design

Body by Design
Autor: Kris Gethin

Sinopse – Body by Design – Kris Gethin

From Kris Gethin, Editor-in-Chief of the online fitness phenomenon comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program–backed by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. BODY BY DESIGN: The Complete 12 Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever (On-sale January 2011; Touchstone; hardcover w/ photos; $24.99 / 978-1-4516-0217-3) begins from the inside out, starting with the very thoughts in your head and working its way to the muscles on your body and the food on your plate.
The core of the Body by Design plan is MOTIVATION–the single greatest factor in achieving health and fitness goals. Gethin shares the powerful research proving that willpower isn’t a fixed trait, but something that can be learned by creating a supportive environment–a fact he knows well from personal experience and from the success of the nearly 2 million people who find the tools and the "team" they need on BodySpace.
Men and women, young adults to seniors, fitness novices and committed athletes–people of every age and lifestyle have tapped into the resources and support system found online at BodySpace and now share their "Transformation Nation" success stories in Body by Design. There are many fitness and nutrition books out there, but the built-in online network of knowledge and inspiration found at BodySpace makes Body by Design unique–and the amazing results one-of-a-kind!

Body by Design – Kris Gethin

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