Book Of Secrets

Book Of Secrets
Oracle #2
Autor: RJ Scott

Sinopse – Book Of Secrets – Oracle #2 – RJ Scott

Alex is trying to make things right when his past catches up with him. A Serbian ex-art thief blackmails him into stealing an ancient folio from Windsor Castle… Luke is kidnapped… and that’s just the beginning.
Alex is making good on his promise to put things right. Along with Griff and Christopher, he is retrieving items he had stolen with Edward, and replacing them where they came from. It’s dangerous work, especially considering he appeared to have lost his most useful Oracle-given powers. When a replacement goes wrong and Alex ‘disappears’ he realises that what used to be inside him has left a mark he can never rid himself of.
Meanwhile Luke is kidnapped to work on a manuscript that could hold the key to the secrets of alchemy and offer the reader a way of living an eternal life. The Voynich manuscript is missing it’s cypher and it is up to Alex to steal it for the ex Serbian art thief who he calls friend. Problem is, it’s held in the private library at Windsor Castle.

Book Of Secrets – Oracle #2 – RJ Scott

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