Breathe for Me

Breathe for Me
Autor: Allie Brennan

Sinopse – Breathe for Me – Allie Brennan

"I used to wonder if the words I said to someone would be the last words I’d ever say. I hadn’t really thought about if what I said to someone would be the last words they’d ever hear."

Isla Walters has almost completely forgotten about her devastating past. She has everything she’s ever wanted. A great Musical Education degree, an amazing gig singing at a local lounge, and Jared. Her high school sweetheart and the guy that saved her life. On the day of their 4th Anniversary, Jared is killed in a car accident, but Isla doesn’t just lose the love of her life that day. She loses everything.

Everything she worked for wasn’t just for her. It was for them.

Returning home for the one year memorial of Jared’s death and being given Jared’s journal from the last year of his life brings Isla face to face with two things she’s tried to push from her mind: the lung crushing pain, and Jared’s deadbeat cousin, Kellan Delancy. ~ "Being in love with your brother’s girl is bad enough. Being in love with your dead brother’s girl? Impossible."
The ‘Delancy Brothers’ weren’t really brothers, but with their reputation their nickname was the last thing anyone in their small town worried about. According to Isla they were dangerous, reckless and just plain slutty. But she never knew they were competitive.

She never knew about the battle for her heart. Or that she was the only thing that ever came between Kellan and Jared. She definitely didn’t know about the pact they made. To protect her and keep her safe no matter who she chose.

Kellan knows he should stay away from her if he wants to heal. He knows that he’ll never stop loving her if he doesn’t leave her behind.

But Kellan can’t breathe, and Isla’s the only one who understands.

All she has left is an old journal full of broken dreams…

All he has left is her…

Breathe for Me – Allie Brennan

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