Christmas in Venice

Christmas in Venice
A short story
Autor: Meadow Taylor

Sinopse – Christmas in Venice – A short story – Meadow Taylor

"Meadow Taylor is s force to be reckoned with! Her latest Christmas gift to us is the wonderful story, Christmas in Venice – and it is in its brevity that gives us everything a reader could want – a lovely girl coming to gorgeous Venice, a gorgeous policeman who has to stop her, and they leave us waiting for more! … The story is a gift to the reader and shows the writing brilliance of Taylor and the fun that can be had by reading a small story and expecting BIG THINGS for the rest of the story. A writer of several novels, Falling For Rain and The Billionaire’s Secret, Taylor deserves to be read and enjoyed and certainly this story, Christmas in Venice, brightens our hearts and want all to have a Buon Natale!" –

Christmas in Venice – A short story – Meadow Taylor

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