Autor: Mikael Colville-Anderson

Sinopse – CYCLE CHIC – Mikael Colville-Anderson

From gritty messengers to tweed-sporting bankers, from Pashley princesses to high-tech roadies, cycle chic is everywhere you look.
No one is more attuned to the explosion of these new trends than Mikael Colville-Andersen, who launched the first cycling fashion blog, ‘Copenhagen Cycle Chic’, more than five years ago. The blog went viral, and there are now ‘cycle chic’ blogs from São Paulo to Mexico City, from Tokyo to Vancouver, and from New York to Budapest.
Published in a compact format targeted at the style-conscious and urban tribes of all stripes, hundreds of images in this ingenious collection curated by Colville-Andersen present the most charismatic combinations of individual style and practical function and demonstrate how far cycle wear has moved beyond lycra.

CYCLE CHIC – Mikael Colville-Anderson

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