Defining Moments in History

Defining Moments in History
Autor: Dr Bianca Jackson, Jonathan Morton

Sinopse – Defining Moments in History

Two earth-shattering World Wars; the dawn and dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the countries formed in its wake; the establishment of the EU; the end of apartheid; the push for equal rights; the Kyoto agreement: these and many other changes—great and small—happened in the last century and shaped the world we know today. This decade by decade review charts the most significant historical, social, political, and cultural moments of the last 100 years and places each event, person, movement, and idea in context. Brought to you by a superb selection of international historians, journalists and experts, and beautifully illustrated throughout with more than 350 archival images, it’s an invaluable reference that no home library should be without.

Defining Moments in History

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