Dream Fever

Dream Fever
Autor: Katherine Sutcliffe

Sinopse – Dream Fever – Katherine Sutcliffe

A proud and gallant aristocrat, he was exiled to New Zealand for a crime committed in defense of a woman’s honor. Now disgraced and disowned, he lives as a simple sheep farmer—nursing his bitterness in silence…and solitude.
The lovely and spirited daughter of an English courtesan, she flees the dire consequences of a tragic, impetuous act to seek sanctuary in Nicholas’ lonely world—only to be surprised by the handsome, secretive stranger who spurns the healing powers of her giving heart.
A ruined nobleman and a beautiful child of the streets, their dreams would unite them in an untamed paradise—inflaming their souls with passion’s fire …awakening within them both a raging fever of sensuous desire and rapturous love.

Dream Fever – Katherine Sutcliffe

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