Autor: Cinzia Maro

Sinopse – Encantado – Cinzia Maro

Somewhere, in that lake, there is a monster. Furio Curzi is sent to chase it. He was not prepared for what he really finds.
What does Nemel, the cheeky waiter of the Lake Pearl Restaurant, have to do with the lake monster? Why does he disappear during the day? And above all, why can’t Furio help but think of him?
Nemel hides many secrets, but he is convinced that the wary photographer sent to shoot the monster could be his mate. He faced a long and dangerous journey to join him and now is not willing to lose him.
Some unscrupulous drug traffickers are trying to keep Nemel away from Furio and get rid of him. While they are trying to kill him, a mysterious white creature wandering in the lake shows up to save his life.
Furio is willing to risk everything to free Nemel, to stop the drug trafficking, and unravel the mystery that connects all of this to the lake monster.

Encantado – Cinzia Maro

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