Equations of Life

Equations of Life
Autor: Simon Morden

Sinopse – Equations of Life – Simon Morden

Samuil Petrovitch is a survivor.
He survived the nuclear fallout in St. Petersburg and hid in the London Metrozone – the last city in England. He”s lived this long because he”s a man of rules and logic.
For example, getting involved = a bad idea.
But when he stumbles into a kidnapping in progress, he acts without even thinking. Before he can stop himself, he”s saved the daughter of the most dangerous man in London.
And clearly saving the girl = getting involved.
Now, the equation of Petrovitch”s life is looking increasingly complex.
Russian mobsters + Yakuza + something called the New Machine Jihad = one dead Petrovitch.
But Petrovitch has a plan – he always has a plan – he”s just not sure it”s a good one.

Equations of Life – Simon Morden

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