Fired Up

Fired Up
(Strange Hollow)
Autor: Vivian Arend, Celia Kyle

Sinopse – Fired Up – (Strange Hollow) – Vivian Arend, Celia Kyle

Air, fire, earth…there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.
Erich’s earthquaking emotions and fiery temper were enough to get him kicked out of his clan. The folks in Strange Hollow don’t seem to care he’s not a proper firekin and once he meets Sarya, he figures he just might be home. From the moment he spots the red-hot air fae, Erich can’t wait to find out if the woman who looks like an angel has a devilish side.
Sarya’s calm but lonely existence in the Hollow is shaken to cataclysmic levels with Erich’s arrival. Not only does the earth move for Sarya when she’s with him, but her fire burns out of control. The sinful cowboy pushes all of her buttons and strokes her wings just right. She falls for the drawl, and not a thing can deter her from growing a little more in love with him as the days pass.
Problem is something is suddenly threatening the forest and all signs point to Erich.

Fired Up – (Strange Hollow) – Vivian Arend, Celia Kyle

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