Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun
Stories from Sapphire Cay #1
Autor: R.J. Scott, Meredith Russell

Sinopse – Follow The Sun – Stories from Sapphire Cay #1 – R.J. Scott, Meredith Russell

The first in a series of books filled with romance and drama on Sapphire Cay in the Bahamas.
Lucas Madison is in the Bahamas for his sister’s wedding on the beautiful and idyllic island of Sapphire Cay.
He has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With the stress of his job, the loss of his friend, and faced with his own medical crisis, Lucas arrives on the white sands of Sapphire Cay gray and exhausted. His only thought is to see his sister married and happy.
Dylan Gray is a free-spirited traveller who literally follows the sun. Never settling in one place for long, he earns his way from state to state and continent to continent. But there’s something about Sapphire Cay that draws him back over and over. A feeling of home.
When these two men meet, both have decisions to make and directions to choose. And maybe together, they can make the right ones and follow not only the sun, but also their hearts.
This is the story of Lucas and Dylan, set against the stunning landscape of Sapphire Cay.

Follow The Sun – Stories from Sapphire Cay #1 – R.J. Scott, Meredith Russell

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