Forbidden Sister

Forbidden Sister
Forbidden Sister #1
Autor: V. C. Andrews

Sinopse – Forbidden Sister – Forbidden Sister #1 – V. C. Andrews

From bestselling author V.C. Andrews comes a story of a young woman in search of her older sister – and the dark truth that threatens to tear her family apart.
When Emmie Wilcox was seven years old, her father, frustrated with his older daughter Roxanne’s defiance, threw her out. So, at seventeen, Roxy left. Norton Wilcox forbade her name ever to be mentioned again and refused to call the police to find her. Nearly eight years later, Emmie learns that her sister has become a high-priced New York call girl, staying in a fancy hotel only a dozen blocks from where they live. She sets out to spy on her sister and learn more about her life – triggering a series of events and adventures that could destroy her fragile family for good.

Forbidden Sister – Forbidden Sister #1 – V. C. Andrews

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