One Hundred Ways To Love A Beautiful Loser
Autor: Jarlath Gregory

Sinopse – G.A.A.Y – One Hundred Ways To Love A Beautiful Loser – Jarlath Gregory

Anto Broderick believes it is his duty to ‘live life as an Abba song’, dreaming of pop stardom: ‘I want my face to greet everyone else’s in their morning paper. I want my voice to be sung along to badly while housewives hoover. I want my smile on bedroom walls where girls sigh and wish I wasn’t gay.’ He spends his days at a telesales company, ‘mouthing sales-speak inanities into a headset microphone’; at nights he hits the clubs and bars in the company of ‘beautiful losers, arty idiots and atheistic bitches’. As gay as they come (‘I sprang from the womb in a prom dress’), Anto is cursed with parents who are ‘sporty…G.A.A. sporty’. His father is a football coach, ‘one of the natural enemies of the gay child’. But sport suddenly attains a fresh allure when he falls under the spell of footballer Khalid Kashani, Anto’s sister’s boyfriend. ‘He’s black, he’s Brit, and he looks every inch the bum-boy,’ declares Anto’s Da. Can Anto pry Khalid away from his sister? Is Khalid straight, bi or gay? Will Anto succeed in his mission to make Khalid come out? G.A.A.Y is a funny, moving, bittersweet story of thwarted love and lust. Driven by rapid-fire dialogue and a lyrical vision of modern romance, Jarlath Gregory’s characters enact a tragicomic drama played out against the backdrop of modern Dublin in all its grime and glitter.

G.A.A.Y – One Hundred Ways To Love A Beautiful Loser – Jarlath Gregory

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