Hard to Forget

Hard to Forget
(Hard to Resist, #0.5) Prequel
Autor: Shanora Williams

Sinopse – Hard to Forget – (Hard to Resist, #0.5) Prequel – Shanora Williams

Bryson Daniels was supposed to be Natalie Carmichael’s world – or was he?
As Natalie relives her past, her eyes are finally open wide to the things that she always aimed to avoid during her relationship with Bryson. She could only ignore it for so long. There was going to come a time when the truth was brought to light. During this drama-filled prequel, all of Bryson’s endeavors and lies will be revealed. All of the heartache he caused Natalie begins with this story.
*This is a novelette, meaning that it is less than 12,000 words.*

Hard to Forget – (Hard to Resist, #0.5) Prequel – Shanora Williams

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