The Fire Trilogy #1
Autor: R.J. Scott

Sinopse – Kian – The Fire Trilogy #1 – R.J. Scott

Kian ap Rhys and Regan Campbell, a warlock, a hunter, and the magic of the Fire….
Kian ap Rhys is a warlock, a protector and wielder of The Fire. This fire shines purest in a warlock and is coveted by the Nameless. When his uncle’s Fire is stolen, Kieran vows vengeance and seeks the aid of Regan Campbell. As a hunter of the supernatural predators Regan is the perfect choice to aid Kian on his quest, but Regan is suspicious of the warlock and unwilling to help. It isn’t until their lives are endangered by The Nameless and all choice has been stripped away that they realize they must trust one another or be destroyed.

Kian – The Fire Trilogy #1 – R.J. Scott

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