Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night
The Stories of Us #3
Autor: Brien Michaels

Sinopse – Last Friday Night – The Stories of Us #3 – Brien Michaels

Tyler Mack is straight almost to the point of being homophobic. He’s with a different woman night after night, secretly longing for the one who will make him feel something besides the soul-crushing emptiness following orgasm number X.
Jessie Nalick used to be married. His wife left him for a man with a bigger check, a bigger car and (from what she says) a bigger dick. He’s relocated to another state and is planning on starting his life over. The house he’s having built is almost finished and things seem to finally be looking up, until he receives a panicked call from Tyler, one of the construction men working on the house, claiming there’s trouble.
Someone has lured both of them from the safety of their normal lives and is about to force them into a situation where it’s not their lives at stake, but the lives of the people they love. There’s only one thing they have to do to ensure no one dies, but it’s the one thing Tyler would rather die than do.

Last Friday Night – The Stories of Us #3 – Brien Michaels

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