Learning to Love

Learning to Love
(Moment of Truth #4)
Autor: A.J. WildeA.J. Wilde

Sinopse – Learning to Love – (Moment of Truth #4) – A.J. Wilde

Just when Dan Mason thinks it’s smooth sailing in his career and love life, the rug is pulled out from under him Gary has to go undercover, and Dan is partnered with Gary’s ex, Kim. He’s skeptical of her abilities, but Kim’s blindness only sharpens her skills and when she aces their first case, and saves a life, Dan is impressed. When Dan’s secret fantasies once again threaten to push Gary away, Dan resorts to visiting the one person he’s never confided in before. Even as Dan begins to look at things differently, Gary delivers a punch to the gut that leaves Dan reeling. Meanwhile, as Gary works undercover to expose one of the biggest drug pushers in the city, Dan and Kim have no idea that their cases are about to collide. And when Gary finally drags the truth out of Dan, the future that Dan had never dared to even dream about begins to see the light of day.

Learning to Love – (Moment of Truth #4) – A.J. Wilde

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