Legally Blond

Legally Blond
Autor: Amanda Brown

Sinopse – Legally Blond – Amanda Brown

Elle Woods, Califirnia University senior, seems to have it all. President of Delta Gamma sorority, she’s aced her major–sociopolitical jewelry design-and is on the verge of becoming Mrs. Warner Huntington III. Too bad Warner, bound for Stanford Law, dumps her with the explanation that he now needs a more "serious" woman at his side. Faced with this unexpected reversal of fortune, Woods doesn’t get depressed, she gets busy.
Thanks to a creative application video and a demand for "diversity" at Stanford Law, Elle is admitted. Soon she’s packing up her convertible-as well as her miniature Chihuahua "Bruiser"-and heading north, determined to win back her man. Smart, fast and funny, Legally Blonde proves just how much fun blondes really can have.

Legally Blond – Amanda Brown

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