Losing Him

Losing Him
(Mitchell Family, #8)
Autor: Jennifer Foor

Sinopse – Losing Him – (Mitchell Family, #8) – Jennifer Foor

Do you think you know me? Do you think I’m some terrible person, who ruins people’s lives for my own satisfaction?
You couldn’t be more wrong.
Haven’t you ever loved someone, so much that you’d do anything to be with them? That’s how it all started, because of my love for someone that never returned the feelings. I’ve been selfish and done things I regret, but I deserve to tell my side of the story. You deserve to know the whole truth. The broken promises. The hate. The revenge. The loss. It’s finally my turn to explain how things really happened, my turn to change your mind about the person you think I’ve become. This is the real truth about who I am.

Losing Him – (Mitchell Family, #8) – Jennifer Foor

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