Autor: Laura Joplin

Sinopse – LOVE, JANIS – Laura Joplin

When Laura Joplin stumbled on a bundle of old letters from her famous big sister, she discovered an innocent, eager-to-please side of Janis that no one had suspected. Intrigued, Laura interviewed Janis’s friends and associates to get a true picture of her sister’s life. In 1992, she published Love, Janis – hailed by Kirkus Reviews as ‘more detailed and evenhanded’ than the previous major Joplin biography, Buried Alive, published two decades earlier. Now reissued in trade paperback, ‘Love, Janis’ is an intimate, full- blooded portrait that shows both the public and the private Janis, a woman struggling to perfect her art, searching for the balance between love and stardom, and battling her addictions to alcohol and heroin. At the heart of the book are Janis’s own letters home, which movingly convey her thoughts and feelings during her wild ride to rock stardom.

LOVE, JANIS – Laura Joplin

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