Loving Her

Loving Her
(Mitchell Family, #9)
Autor: Jennifer Foor

Sinopse – Loving Her – (Mitchell Family, #9) – Jennifer Foor

Tyler Mitchell has been called many things, but his favorite title will always be "Dad". Isabella (Izzy) was the reason he changed his ways and learned to be the man that he’s become. For eleven years he and Miranda have lived with a lie; the kind that could destroy the bond between him and the child that he’s always claimed to be his own. An accidental encounter causes a curious young girl to question everything she knows. When she discovers how big the lie is, everything changes for this once picture perfect family. Ty and Miranda are faced with the repercussions that not only could alter their own relationship, but the future of their family as a whole. Can Ty and Miranda show Isabella that family is more than just blood? Find out what one couple is willing to do for the people they love, in the 9th book of The Mitchell Family Series.

Loving Her – (Mitchell Family, #9) – Jennifer Foor

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