Lust in London

Lust in London
European Flings #3
Autor: Adam Carpenter

Sinopse – Lust in London – European Flings #3 – Adam Carpenter

Jake Westbury has tired of the bar scene, the one-night stands, and unfulfilling relationships. Usually so controlled in his life, he makes the impulsive decision to spend the summer in London on a quest to shake things up, and hopefully fall in love. Upon his arrival, he quickly meets the bookish Nevil and the devilish Hunter. A fateful party where both are attendance turns Jake’s world upside down.
When a meeting in the park with the sexy, alluring Hunter Abbott goes awry, Jake finds himself in possession of a small fortune in cash. With only one clue to go on, and a thug giving chase, he has to figure out just what’s going on. Will his powerful desire for Hunter make Jake throw caution to the wind? What game is being played, and is Jake one of the players, or just a pawn?
Seductive, secretive, satisfying, LUST IN LONDON will remind you of the costly price of love, and ultimately remind you that what you seek may be far closer to home than you can imagine.

Lust in London – European Flings #3 – Adam Carpenter

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