Lynx in the Blood

 Lynx in the Blood
Pack Valley #2
Autor: S.A. Welsh

Sinopse – Lynx in the Blood – Pack Valley #2 – S.A. Welsh

Jay and Kyle have been mated a week. A happy, love–and lust–filled week but now everything is starting to fall apart. Jay’s abusive step-father, hunters, and kidnapped shifters complicate things. Jay needs to stop his dreams becoming reality.
Jay and Kyle have been mated a week. Jay has the man and family of his dreams, but now things are going wrong. He has to face his abusive step-father, survive attacks by hunters and keep his sanity.
Are his dreams just fiction or is he coming into his destiny, becoming what he was always meant to be? With no time to figure it out Jay and Kyle have to find and rescue kidnapped shifters and navigate their way through Alpha politics all while doing damage control for Jay’s long lost uncle.
Can Jay keep control of his own mind or will he let the powers that be take over and cost him the one thing he loves more than anything? Kyle.

Lynx in the Blood – Pack Valley #2 – S.A. Welsh

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