Make It Bigger

Make It Bigger
Now Even Cheaper
Autor: Paula Scher

Sinopse – Make It Bigger – Now Even Cheaper – Paula Scher

"Make it bigger"-a familiar refrain to any graphic designer accustomed to presenting layouts to clients-is an apt title for a book that examines the graphic design profession primarily through the lens of the business community it serves. Veteran designer Scher draws from over three decades of design experience to provide readers with a firsthand account of the creative process, that is, advancing good ideas and personal vision within the corporate cultures and organizational dynamics that are predisposed to resist them. A focus on the collaboration necessary to bring design ideas to life sets this book apart from others in the genre. In addition to an interior packed with familiar work, the book’s cover and jacket provide visual stopping power that supports the author’s approach. Unfortunately, the book itself won’t stand up well to heavy use. Though this work is mainly about the design profession, it will appeal to anyone working in a creative field, whether he or she is attempting to advance creative ideas or to chart a career trajectory concerned with personal growth and development. Best suited for larger public libraries or libraries with extensive liberal arts, fine arts, or business sections.

Make It Bigger – Now Even Cheaper – Paula Scher

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