Man In Control

Man In Control
Long, Tal Texans 26
Autor: Susan Spaeth KyleDiana Palmer

Sinopse – Man In Control – Long, Tal Texans 26 – Diana Palmer

Secret Agent Lawman
Ever since DEA agent Alexander Cobb had given Jodie Clayburn a Texas-size brush-off, they’d been sworn enemies. But eight years later, an undercover operation brought them back together again. This cynical Long, Tall Texan couldn’t believe the baby-faced schoolgirl was now an understated beauty who electrified his senses and his heart. Or that she’d help him crack the drug-smuggling case that threatened all of Jacobsville. Tantalized to the core, Alexander would risk everything to possess — and protect — the untouched young woman. This fearless secret agent always got his man — or in this case, woman. But this time, would the man in control get caught in his own web of danger… and desire?

Man In Control – Long, Tal Texans 26 – Diana Palmer

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