Messages from the Future

Messages from the Future
Part 1
Autor: T. BernalT. Bernal

Sinopse – Messages from the Future – Part 1 – T. Bernal

The first installment of the adventure:
Brian, an ordinary engineer from a technology company, receives an e-mail in the middle of the night… A simple email saying that the Human Race is facing extinction in the very near future!
From this strange e-mail, Brian gets into the midst of an adventure surrounded by strange messages, puzzles and games in which he is challenged to discover a very important mission and re-write his fate.
An intriguing story:
‘Messages from the Future’ is a smart thriller crammed with action, puzzles, suspense and mystery. Readers will be intrigued by the story and the fast-paced atmosphere of this book, being hooked from the first page to last one.

Messages from the Future – Part 1 – T. Bernal

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