Midnight’s Lover

Midnight's Lover
Dark Warrior #2
Autor: Donna Grant

Sinopse – Midnight’s Lover – Dark Warrior #2 – Donna Grant

A Warrior’s Passion – Driven by the fierce god within him, highlander Ian Kerr is sworn to fight for the land he loves – and the brother he lost. But when he’s transported four centuries into the future, he finds himself fighting his own desires – for a beautiful, bewitching woman who could hold a warrior spellbound…A Woman’s Magic – Danielle Buchanan has heard the legends. She has felt the power of Druid blood in her veins. But she has never known a man as fearsome – or as haunted – as the warrior Ian. With her magic, Dani must help him fight an ancient evil. With her heart, she must join him in his quest. But only with her soul can she free him from his curse…and seal their fates together.

Midnight’s Lover – Dark Warrior #2 – Donna Grant

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