Myself, My Enemy

Myself, My Enemy
Queens of England #1
Autor: Eleanor Alice Burford HibbertJean Plaidy

Sinopse – Myself, My Enemy – Queens of England #1 – Jean Plaidy

Henrietta Maria’s father was murdered and she has grown up in a court of intrigue, constantly on the verge of conflict, until the arrival of the future King of England. Henrietta becomes betrothed to him and embarks on a stormy marriage which grows into a passionate and steadfast union. Blindly they blunder through the years, watching the rise of men such as Cromwell, Hampden and Pym, unaware of the spies in their own household. There follows the inevitable march to war – the sequel of which is played out on a cold January day in Whitehall.

Myself, My Enemy – Queens of England #1 – Jean Plaidy

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