Ollie Morgan

 Ollie Morgan
Seven Brothers for McBride #3
Autor: Anitra Lynn McLeod

Sinopse – Ollie Morgan – Seven Brothers for McBride #3 – Anitra Lynn McLeod

Nothing tastes as sweet as forbidden fruit…
As McBride struggles to hold his world together and makes sacrifices that block him from any chance of happiness with the eldest Morgan brother, he’s still determined to buy all his men mates. He’s stunned when Ollie Morgan rejects his thrall, insisting that he wishes to be alone. Determined to get to the truth, McBride is furious when he finds out there is an interloper on his land.
Jonas Davenport is a landed gentryman who has made tremendous sacrifices to be with Ollie, but just because he’s given away all his wealth doesn’t make their relationship anything but forbidden.
Their love is stronger than any law, but will the two men ever find a way to be together?

Ollie Morgan – Seven Brothers for McBride #3 – Anitra Lynn McLeod

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