Opposite Attraction

Opposite Attraction
Feline Allure #3
Autor: Amy E. Lambo

Sinopse – Opposite Attraction – Feline Allure #3 – Amy E. Lambo

Dylan Thomas is a normal human being, but not for long. The day he meets Aengus again after months apart, the two reconnect. Along the way, Dylan faces elves, Basilisks, and a new kind of enemy. This new opponent tells him about a new world and escapes Dylan’s grasp every time.
Aengus Bane, a panther-shifter, has loved Dylan since the day they met. The first moment he has the chance to convince the human of his feelings, he doesn’t let go. With the great amount of setbacks and interferences in their relationship, Aengus manages to keep his mate close.
The couple’s lives change when Dylan makes the most unexpected development. New species appear on both Earth and Marmon, the shape-shifter world. The enemy’s mention of a new world makes Dylan wonder if there was enough reason for someone to end up killed because of him. Unpredictably, someone fatally poisons Dylan. Will he survive?

Opposite Attraction – Feline Allure #3 – Amy E. Lambo

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