Autor: Elizabeth Parker

Sinopse – Phobia – Elizabeth Parker

Due to a sibling practical joke gone bad caused by his older brother, Matt Brewer grew up with intense phobias that have haunted him for the better part of his adulthood and was tired of living in fear. His lifelong dreams were starting to come true in every possible aspect and his relationship was starting to flourish, but without help he had the potential to lead his life to ruins and self-destruction. Simple day-to-day activities caused him to become overwhelmed with extreme panic attacks without any warning. After contemplating the benefits for hours on end and gathering the courage to do so, he finally made a conscious decision to go to group counseling, seeking help once and for all. It would only be a matter of time before his life got back on track. He entrusted his heartfelt emotions and embarrassing cowardice in the hands of complete strangers and depended on them to help conquer his indomitable and irrational fears. What he did not count on was having group therapy work against him and his worst fears become a distinct reality, leaving him fighting for his life and the precious lives of those around him, including his wonderful girlfriend whom he intended to marry. Unbeknownst to him, his every move was being recorded and his darkest secrets revealed to a homicidal psychopath. Helplessly tortured and bound, he comes face to face with pure evil with no one to hear his desperate screams. Odds are against him and his futile attempts of escaping send waves of despair as he is the sole person with the ability to save his loved ones and others who may not live to see tomorrow. Time is of the essence and it is a literal race against the clock in order to make it out alive.(

Phobia – Elizabeth Parker

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