Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect
Renegade Saints #1
Autor: Ella Fox

Sinopse – Picture Perfect – Renegade Saints #1 – Ella Fox

Book One of the Renegade Saints Series
Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world’s most famous bands. Although he’s got a reputation as a player, he’s decided that it’s time to find something real.
One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him hooked.
Tessa’s teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand. Now he was offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the official photographer for the Renegade Saints farewell tour. Assuring herself that her teenage attraction to Flynn wouldn’t hold up when she met him in person, Tessa took the job.
The chemistry between them is immediate and powerful, but Tessa is hesitant to explore their connection.
Flynn has no intention of giving up, and he intends to prove to her that they are meant to be together.
Can Flynn convince Tessa that their attraction to each other is the real thing?

Picture Perfect – Renegade Saints #1 – Ella Fox

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