Power Play

 Power Play
Autor: J.M. Snyder

Sinopse – Power Play – J.M. Snyder

Ryan Talonovich is the star of his college hockey team until an accident during practice leaves him confined to a wheelchair. The doctors say he’ll walk again but a new season is already underway and he’s been replaced on the team, which leaves him feeling alone and betrayed. What’s the use of fighting to get back on the ice now? Then he meets Dante Espinosa, a short track skater on the city’s speed skating club. Though he has to work overtime to afford his sport, Dante is hell on ice. The crowds scream his name as he skates circles around the competition the same way the fans used to shout for Ryan whenever he scored. It’s their love of the ice that brings them together. Dante gives Ryan a reason to heal, while Ryan is just what Dante needs cheer him on to qualify-and win-the state championships. But too many obstacles stand in their way: Ryan’s struggle with therapy. The memory of Dante’s first boyfriend. Lack of funding to cover Dante’s fee for the event, his harassing boss, a friend with a schoolgirl crush on him, and Wil Dietrich, who will do anything see him fall.

Power Play – J.M. Snyder

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