Rapture and Lace

Rapture and Lace
Lace #3
Autor: Adriane Leigh

Sinopse – Rapture and Lace – Lace #3 – Adriane Leigh

Two hearts consumed by desire…
From the moment their eyes locked across a crowded room, he recognized something in her that he needed. Something that was impossible to resist. He needed her as surely as he needed his own heart to beat.
Consumed by each other, they tried to defy the odds. They made their own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of their passion.
But will this passion be the very thing that threatens to destroy them?
Rapture and Lace is the third installment in the Lace Series. This book is intended for mature audiences.

Rapture and Lace – Lace #3 – Adriane Leigh

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