Safety Net

Safety Net
Autor: Keiko Kirin

Sinopse – Safety Net – Keiko Kirin

Crocker University isn’t exactly known for its football program. But three hotshot freshman football players are about to turn that around, and in the process discover what it means to be a team, the challenges of adulthood, and the true meaning of love.
Erick West, the charismatic Texan quarterback, is the top recruit at Crocker when he meets Lowell Menacker, a handsome blond All-American tight end, and the two become fast friends. Completing the trio is receiver Dale Lennart, who feels Crocker is where he can finally be out and be himself–until he lands a spot on the football team.
Against a backdrop of rocky relationships, unexpected rivalries, and setbacks on and off the field, Erick, Lowell, and Dale form lasting bonds. When Crocker starts winning football games, Erick and Lowell’s on-field connection leads to romance. But can the bonds of love and friendship survive the unexpected pressures of success and going pro?

Safety Net – Keiko Kirin

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