Saving Scott

Saving Scott
The Werewolves of Willow Lake #6
Autor: Marcy Jacks

Sinopse – Saving Scott – The Werewolves of Willow Lake #6 – Marcy Jacks

Scott Marsh is on the run from Dicun, the powerful coyote shifter who kidnapped him. But Scott is weak and tired after being abused for so long. He doesn’t expect to get away, or to be rescued by Elric, a gorgeous hawk shifter with powers over the wind.
Though Scott has never seen this man before, something inside of him calls out to Elric. There’s nowhere in the world Scott feels safer than in Elric’s arms.
Elric recognizes his mate, especially considering his archenemy Dicun murdered Scott in their past lives because of his hate for Elric, and his lust for Scott. Now Elric has his mate back, and he vows to protect him at all costs. He will not have the love of his life die in his arms a second time. But when Scott is nearly taken and killed in another attack, and Elric discovers the man is pregnant, he must make a terrible choice.

Saving Scott – The Werewolves of Willow Lake #6 – Marcy Jacks

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