Scrivener’s Moon

Scrivener's Moon
Fever Crumb, Book 3
Autor: Philip Reeve

Sinopse – Scrivener’s Moon – Fever Crumb, Book 3 – Philip Reeve

The final adventure in Philip Reeve’s brilliant Fever Crumb trilogy.
The Scriven people are brilliant, mad–and dead.
All except one, whose monstrous creation is nearly complete–a giant city on wheels. New London terrifies the rest of the world, and an army of mammoth-riders gathers to fight it. Meanwhile, young Fever Crumb begins a hunt for Ancient technology in the icy strongholds of the north. She finds a mysterious black pyramid full of secrets. It will change her world forever.
Scrivener’s Moon follows Fever Crumb and A Web of Air to complete one of the most exciting and inventive fantasy adventures series ever written.

Scrivener’s Moon – Fever Crumb, Book 3 – Philip Reeve

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