Serenity #8

Serenity #8
Sunday Best
Autor: Realbuzz Studios

Sinopse – Serenity #8 – Sunday Best – Realbuzz Studios

Serenity’s got a sinking feeling
Serenity wants to change for the better, but when a clumsy attempt at doing the right thing goes awry, she finds herself over her head in deep waters. Will she sink on her own . . . or accept help from an unexpected source?
Then in the latest mini-movie from Serenity and her pals–this one a disaster epic–an earthquake leaves the local mall crumbling. When a group of curious kids meet a gang of vicious looters, things really get shaky as they find themselves "Crawling from the Wreckage."

Serenity #8 – Sunday Best – Realbuzz Studios

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