Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe
Sidewinder #1
Autor: Abigail Roux

Sinopse – Shock & Awe – Sidewinder #1 – Abigail Roux

Recovering from a gunshot wound Kelly Abbott has come home from hospital treatment in New Orleans. His best friend Nick O’Flaherty has travelled with him to continue his care.
Kelly has always been closest to Nick. He was Kelly’s best man at his wedding. He was also the one who took him in briefly after he divorced. Now Kelly finds himself curious about Nick being gay and feels drawn towards him.
Kelly is willing to try anything once. He has always acknowledged beauty in other men, but he has never felt attraction. What if this is because of the drugs he has been on the past few weeks? What if it was the near-death experience and Nick emerging as his caretaker? And how will they get past this if it turns out to be a situational thing?
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Shock & Awe – Sidewinder #1 – Abigail Roux

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