Autor: Shohei Manabe

Sinopse – Smuggler – Shohei Manabe

From the creator of Dead End! Ryosuke Kinuta is a struggling young actor with a mounting problem–his unpaid debts to loan sharks have caught up with him, so they cut a deal, offering him a different type of role. Ryosuke will work as their "carrier," but unfortunately, this isn’t the big break he has been hoping for. He has to smuggle the bodies of murdered victims, making sure they’re never to be seen again…or he’ll never be seen again! Praise for Shohei Manabe’s Dead End: "A thoughtful, brooding tale populated with lonely people who have extraordinary gifts… Anyone looking for a new manga to hop onto from the get-go, check out Dead End." вЂ"

Smuggler – Shohei Manabe

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