Soul Restoration

Soul Restoration
Brookside Athletic Club #02
Autor: Carol Lynne

Sinopse – Soul Restoration – Brookside Athletic Club #02 – Carol Lynne

Restoring the past isn’t always possible, even with the most qualified craftsman at your disposal.
After he was disowned by his family, Pete Braxton worked years to build a life without his family’s fortune. It wasn’t easy, but he learned the importance of a hard day’s work and living within his means.
When his brother dies unexpectedly, Pete is left a multi-million dollar fortune and the family home he grew up in. Refusing to let his newfound wealth change the man he has become, he decides to use it to repair the family home his brother destroyed and calls in a master woodcraftsman.
Dylan Oliver relocated to Kansas City to work on Pete’s family mansion in what should have simply been a six-month project. He never expected to fall in love with the home’s owner. When the job is finished and Pete isn’t satisfied with the outcome, will Dylan be sent packing?

Soul Restoration – Brookside Athletic Club #02 – Carol Lynne

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