Stalking Blood

Stalking Blood
(Pack Valley #3)
Autor: S.A. Welsh

Sinopse – Stalking Blood – (Pack Valley #3) – S.A. Welsh

Directly after finding the stolen shifters and discovering there might be another man with emerald eyes, Jay and Kyle come home, and the pack gears up to go to war against the hunters to take back what they stole.
Jay knows he can’t afford to be the weak link and steps up to protect his family, and avoid attacking a particularly antagonistic ball of pink wool. His mating seems to have hit a bump in the road as Kyle struggles to find a way to help his family through something that could tear them all apart.
Jay knows Kyle loves him, but they are all suffering while they pray for a miracle. Jay tries to enlist the help of a friend but finds out the hard way that there are people out there that will do anything for the power that runs through his veins.
CONTENT ADVISORY: As part of a series, this title contains a “to be continued” ending.

Stalking Blood – (Pack Valley #3) – S.A. Welsh

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