Glass Towers 03
Autor: Adler and Holt

Sinopse – Surrendered – Glass Towers 03 – Adler and Holt

NEWLY UPDATED VERSION! Enjoy the newly revised and additionally edited version, with a little sneak peek at the end!
The chemistry between them is undeniable. He captivated her from the first moment she laid eyes on him.
While fate brought the small-town interior designer, Danielle Austen, and the sexy mogul, Harrison Towers, together, their pasts continue to threaten their future together.
Their passion fuels their fire, while the couple continues to overcome the hurdles between them. Danielle has finally broken through Harrison’s aloof, controlling exterior. However, his devious, jilted ex-lover, Marion Devereaux, continues to threaten Danielle’s safety and seems to have help from someone close to Danielle.
Will Harrison and Danielle be able to face these challenges together? Will their love be enough to conquer Marion’s evil plots? Will they get their storybook ending, or will Marion have her revenge?
This book is intended for mature audiences

Surrendered – Glass Towers 03 – Adler and Holt

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