Table for Two

Table for Two
(Mesa para Dois)
Autor: Scarlet BlackwellScarlet Blackwell

Sinopse – Table for Two – (Mesa para Dois) – Scarlet Blackwell

[i]If at first you don’t succeed, turn up the heat![/i]
All great recipes suffer a few false starts before reaching perfection. Love is no exception.
Just Desserts The only stain chef Luc Tessier’s toque is a food critic who seems determined to ruin his five-star reputation. Solution: invite him to dine. One look at Daniel and Luc’s thoughts turn from sauces to seduction. Daniel will never again be anyone’s toy, yet he’s finding it harder to keep Luc at arm’s length. Solution: judge a faraway cooking competition. Then Luc shows up, determined to win it all. Including Daniel’s heart.
Second Helpings Luc thought his world-class cooking skills had won Daniel’s heart, but the battle has only begun. With Daniel’s sexuality in the closet—and his mother on the doorstep—chances they’ll be alone anytime soon are slim to none. A week is a long time to be on his best behaviour, but forcing Daniel to come out could come at too great a cost.
The Last Supper So what if Luc set the wedding date for Friday the thirteenth? What could go wrong? Plenty, starting with Daniel’s sudden determination to “save” himself. If this marriage comes off without someone landing face first in the cake, it’ll be a miracle…
Warning: Ingredients: Two extremely hot men (one French, one Brit). Season with ego, frustration, denial, and liberal dash of mother-in-law. Stir in leather thongs and watch the mixture heat until sizzling. May incite spontaneous nekkid food fights.

Table for Two – (Mesa para Dois) – Scarlet Blackwell

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