The Bourne Objective

The Bourne Objective
Autor: Eric van Lustbader

Sinopse – The Bourne Objective – Eric van Lustbader

The killing of an art dealer dredges up snatches of Jason’s Bourne impaired memory, in particular the murder of a young woman who entrusted him with a strangely engraved ring. now he’s determined to find its owner and purpose. But Bourne never knows what terrible acts he’ll discover he committed when he digs into the past. The trail will lead him to a vicious Russian mercenary, Leonid Arkadin, also a graduate of the Central Intelligence training program Treadstone. The covert course was shuttered by Congress by corruption, but not before it produced Bourne and Arkadin, giving them equal skills, equal force, equal cunning. As Bourne’s destiny circles closer to Arkadin’s, it becomes clean that someone else has been watching and manipulating them. Someone who wants to know, Who is the more deadly agent?

The Bourne Objective – Eric van Lustbader

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