the devil’s temptention

the devil's temptention
irmãs Daventry 2
Autor: Kimberly Logan

Sinopse – the devil’s temptention – irmãs Daventry 2 – Kimberly Logan

"I must solve a dastardly crime. But how can i resist … The Devil’s Temptation?"
A debauched ball, packed with London’s seediest revelers, is no place for the decent young woman I’ve tried so hard to be. But if I’m to avoid my mother’s shameful scandal that led to her still-unsolved murder-I, Lady Maura Daventry, must be willing to hunt everywhere for the truth about her killer. But I never expected I would encounter the devil himself: the Earl of Hawksley, a wicked, charismatic rakehell who has set ton tongues wagging by bedding women all over London … and whose father was the prime suspect in the murder of his married lover-my mother.
But new evidence seems to suggest another culprit was responsible-and the only man offering to assist me in my hunt is the dangerously seductive Hawksley, who, alas, grows more intriguing to me by the hour.
I have heard the storied of his grand indiscretions. But I never dreams I would become one.

the devil’s temptention – irmãs Daventry 2 – Kimberly Logan

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